Ayuntamiento Antas

The Plenary

Ordinary Plenary Session – Antas Town Hall

February 5, 2021

The Plenary is the body of maximum political representation of the citizens within the municipal government and is made up of the mayor and the councilors (it is precisely the mayor who is responsible for convening and presiding over the plenary sessions, although he may delegate one of the councilors).

The Plenary has its own rules of procedure of an organic nature and both its operation and the organization of its contents are set forth in the municipal regulations. It is made up of a General Secretariat and a series of Commissions in charge of managing various areas of government and reporting on them to the Plenary.

One of the most important functions of the municipal Plenary, within its tasks of oversight and control of the governing bodies, is the vote of no-confidence and confidence motions. Likewise, the Plenary is responsible for the agreements related to the alteration of the composition or limits of the municipal district or the agreements on the participation of the City Council in supra-municipal bodies.

The Plenary is also responsible for approving and modifying organic regulations, ordinances, budgets, payroll, municipal regulations, etc. The initial and final approval of urban planning procedures is also one of the competences of the Plenary, as well as the transfer of its functions to other administrations or the determination of the way in which the City Council will manage municipal services.

An ordinary meeting shall be held at least once every two months, in the second half of the months of January, March, May, July, July, September and November, preferably on the last Tuesday of each month and at 8:00 pm. The rest of the meetings held by the Corporation outside the dates indicated shall be of an extraordinary nature.