Ayuntamiento Antas

Antas Local Police


Among the functions of the Local Police today, the surveillance and control of traffic, and others aimed at ensuring compliance with the Municipal Ordinances of Police and Good Government, trying to unite the legitimate exercise of private, commercial and industrial activities with the general right to enjoy a clean city, without noise, with a healthy environment, stand out for their importance. In addition, the Local Police tries to maintain levels of harmony and citizen coexistence that allow and favor individual development, and of the activities in which it is integrated, and that is specified in the provision of a preventive activity of antisocial behavior, in the assistance to citizens, and in defense of individual values proclaimed in our Constitution.

Legal framework:

Organic Law 2/1986, of March 13, 1986, on State Security Forces and Corps.
Article 53 establishes the functions to be performed by the Local Police Corps:

a) Protecting the authorities of the Local Corporations, and surveillance or custody of their buildings and facilities.

b) Order, signal and direct traffic in the urban area, in accordance with the traffic regulations.

c) To investigate traffic accidents within the urban area.

d) Administrative Police, in relation to Ordinances, Bylaws and other municipal provisions within the scope of its competence.

e) To participate in the functions of the Judicial Police, in the manner established in Article 29.2 of this Law.

f) The rendering of assistance in cases of accident, catastrophe or public calamity, participating in the manner provided for in the Laws, in the execution of Civil Protection plans.

g) To carry out preventive measures and any other actions aimed at avoiding the commission of criminal acts within the framework of collaboration established in the Security Boards.

h) To watch over public spaces and collaborate with the State Security Forces and Corps and the Police of the Autonomous Communities in the protection of demonstrations and the maintenance of order in large human concentrations, when required to do so.

i) Cooperate in the resolution of private conflicts when requested to do so.

In this same Law and in other articles it is also stated that they are Security Forces and Corps:

a) The State Security Forces and Corps dependent on the Government of the Nation.

b) The Police Corps dependent on the Autonomous Communities.

c) The Police Corps dependent on Local Corporations.

The members of the Security Forces and Corps shall adjust their actions to the principle of reciprocal cooperation and their coordination shall be carried out through the bodies established for this purpose by this Law.

Everyone has the duty to provide the Security Forces and Corps with the necessary assistance in the investigation and prosecution of crimes under the terms provided by law.

The persons and entities that perform surveillance, security or custody functions related to public or private personnel or services have a special obligation to assist and collaborate at all times with the Security Forces and Corps.