Gastronomy and handicrafts

Antas is a town with a vast culture and history, and a reflection of this, which we can enjoy, is its gastronomy and handicrafts.

It is a simple preparation, but with an important historical legacy, since its ingredients were intended to allow people to work in the fields and with the animals.


They consist of a dough of wheat flour, prepared with water and salt, with an elongated shape, small in size. In its preparation, a little oil is used to prevent it from sticking to the hands and to prevent the gurullos from coming out when the hands are rubbed.

This dish usually accompanies main dishes such as stew, broths or partridges and rabbit.

In the Andalucía Cocina Channel, its preparation is explained.


Typical dish of the autumn and winter season, that is to say, the cold months, generally beginning in September. Its preparation is simple, the wheat is left to soak before being cooked with meat or vegetables.


Rainy day? The traditional food then, is migas. This dish prepared with wheat flour, garlic and oil, besides being a delight, is extremely versatile. It can be served with meat stew, roasted peppers, fruit such as pomegranate or even as a dessert, with sugar.

Definitely one of the simplest, most versatile and delicious traditional dishes.