Ayuntamiento Antas

Flag and coat of arms

Rectangular flag, proportions 1:2, orange. In the center of the cloth, the municipal coat of arms with a height equal to half the width of the flag.

Meaning: The orange color represents the cultivation of orange trees in the locality.

Split shield. First, of purple, a tent of gold surmounted by the letters F and Y, of the same metal; in point, waves of silver and azure. Second, of sinople, two flowers of orange blossom in their natural color placed on a pole. At the bell, royal crown closed.

Meaning: The tent and the letters represent the conquest by the Catholic Monarchs of the neighboring town of Vera. The waves represent the river that gives its name to the municipality. Orange blossoms symbolize orange cultivation.

Approved: Decree 157/1998, July 21, 1998, authorizing the Town Council of Antas (Almería), to adopt its heraldic coat of arms and municipal flag (BOJA 22/8/1998).