Ayuntamiento Antas

Pedro Ridao Zamora


Mayor's welcome

As Mayor it is an honor for me to address all of you to give you a warm welcome to the new web page of the Town Hall of Antas.

We have tried to fulfill one of the main objectives of the Corporation over which I preside, which is none other than to promote proximity to citizens, while providing them with as much information as possible about the services of our Town Hall. A window open to the citizen with the dual purpose of serving the neighbors as a means of communication, participation and information and open our people, through new technologies, to people linked to Antas and all those who want to know us.

In this sense, this is an institutional page and, as such, we aspire to be a good presentation of our municipality for those who wish to visit us. But it is also the channel that we want to keep permanently open to communicate with the citizens and, what is very important, to make it easier for all the neighbors to contact, manage and relate with their Town Hall.

We intend it to be a useful tool to access municipal information, available services, show news of interest to neighbors, cultural, leisure and sporting events, also offer a guide to companies in our town, in short, create a dynamic and open space for the participation of all.

With this website, Antas also offers a meeting point for all the people who, because of their origin, are linked to our municipality and do not live in it and those who show interest in getting to know us and admire a privileged natural environment that we invite you to know and enjoy. Antas is a town with great possibilities, from this land, extraordinary products come out. It is a town where past and present, industry and nature, tradition and modernity, fun and work coexist in happy harmony. Here you will have the opportunity to interact with its people, who are our greatest and best heritage.

We want to show what we are: a socially and culturally very dynamic municipality. A town proud of its history and traditions.

Through this virtual space we make you participants of our landscape, historical, artistic, cultural heritage, as well as our festivities, customs, traditions and gastronomy.

We also provide information related to administrative management. I invite and encourage you to make use of it because the municipal Web provides you with information and is a place where we can communicate with you to make it more open and innovative.

As mayor and neighbor I suggest you to approach Antas through our municipal web, taking advantage of all the resources to be able to appreciate everything that we show from here.

My warmest greetings to the visitors of our municipal web site that together we will turn into a fluent communication channel.

Welcome to Antas!