Matanza Aljariz

Experience a traditional slaughter this weekend in this Almeria town.

Antas will celebrate the second edition of its Slaughter Fair.

La Voz de Almería


12:19 – 31 JAN. 2023

Experience the ins and outs of a traditional slaughter with the butchering of the meat and the preparation of black pudding and sausages in a completely artisan way. A way to relive moments just like the ones our grandparents used to make in the past. Antas will celebrate the second edition of the Slaughter Fair after last year’s resounding success. The hamlet of Aljáriz will be the place chosen to celebrate this event where traditions will be highlighted. There will be many young people and children who have not had the opportunity to see how a sausage is made from scratch or how a pig is butchered and this will be a unique opportunity to learn about the most typical part of our gastronomy.

In 2022 there was such an influx of people at the slaughter fair that “the food ran out before two o’clock in the afternoon,” commented the mayor, Pedro Ridao. This year, instead of one pig, “we will have two and provisions ready in case more are needed, so that it does not happen like last year and everyone who comes to Aljáriz can enjoy tasting the typical dishes of a slaughter”.

Last year the town was packed with visitors, “people came from all over, from Albacete, Murcia, we were out of the game, we did not think it would have so much impact,” confirmed Ridao.

This year we expect a day of conviviality where nothing will be lacking. Verbena music, traditional food of a slaughter such as migas with tajás, wheat pot, gurullos, black pudding or sausages, among many other dishes that can be tasted at the bar that will be installed in the Plaza de Aljariz all at popular prices. In addition, there will be stands to buy these freshly made products so that all attendees can take them home. Children will be able to enjoy children’s attractions while adults will be able to taste local wines while watching the pork butchering and the preparation of sausages live.

A different appointment, to soak up the good work of the elders of the municipality, in a meeting that formerly took place in family and that will be recreated in Aljáriz. The Antusa neighborhood will be decorated to receive this event with straw bales, wicker baskets with oranges and different motifs of the countryside to give a cozy touch to the environment. The mayor also wanted to thank all the neighbors who are involved in the preparation of the food and the place. Since as he explained “not only work the day of the Fair but since this week are hands to work to prepare everything necessary for this second edition of the fair is the success of last year or more,” said the mayor.

“We want everyone who comes to take a pleasant memory of the neighborhood of Aljáriz de Antas and all the tradition that will be breathed and savored this Sunday,” concluded the mayor.

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