The Town Council of Antas signs the contract for the elaboration of the Basic Plan of Municipal Ordination (PBOM), former General Plan of Urban Ordination (PGOU).

The Mayor of the Town Council of Antas, Mr. Pedro Ridao Zamora, signed the administrative contract for the drafting of the new PBOM (Basic Plan of Municipal Management of Antas), which has a total budget of 211,362.31 euros and will be undertaken by the company García de Los Reyes Arquitectos Asociados S.L., whose representative is Juan Carlos de Los Reyes.

Prior to the signing of the aforementioned contract, a working meeting was held with the assistance of the Mayor of Antas – Mr. Pedro Ridao Zamora, Mr. Pedro Molina – Town Planning Councilman, as well as the Town Planning Technician – and the Secretary and Comptroller of the Municipality.

The Mayor of Antas, stressed the importance of this new Plan, which is the cornerstone of the urban development of the municipality, this Plan will design a compact, rational and environmentally, socially and economically sustainable city model.

The Antuso councilman was very satisfied and enthusiastic with the work done, thus fulfilling one of the most important projects of his term, becoming a reality and being very good news for all Antuso neighbors, who will see how the municipality of Antas will grow urbanistically and will have new and numerous new services and facilities.

The approval of the PBOM is a basic and priority commitment of the Municipal Corporation and a demand of the citizens for decades, since the current regulations finally approved in 2009, is the PGOU partial adaptation to the LOUA of the Subsidiary Rules of Antas (in force since 1993).

The challenge of the new general planning, is to respond to the current and future needs of the citizens of Antas, for this, it will be counted from the first moment with citizen participation, giving voice to all social agents, institutions, associations and any neighbor who wants to contribute with their ideas and suggestions to improve the current city model, which will benefit the general interest.

In the same vein, Juan Carlos de los Reyes expressed his intention that “the PBOM be modeled collectively, by the Antarctic society, its leaders and environmental, territorial and urban specialists”, conveying the excitement and the challenge that this project represents for him and his company.

For his part, the councilman of Urbanism, wanted to thank the work developed by the municipal technicians, to make possible the implementation of this project.

The execution of the Basic Municipal Management Plan of Antas has an approximate duration of four years, in which the citizens will participate from the beginning. The Plan will be aligned and coordinated with the Urban Agenda 20-30 strategy.

Both the Municipal Corporation and the company awarded the contract have stated that one of their main goals is to speed up as much as possible the deadlines for its approval and thus be able to provide this municipality with an instrument that will be decisive for its development.

The Mayor and the Manager of the company awarded the contract, have committed to work together “side by side” to advance deadlines and reduce the execution time in the shortest possible time.