Explanatory memorandum to the 2023 budget

The municipal budget of this City Council for the fiscal year 2023 is configured as the forecast of expenses and the estimate of income expected to cover such expenses.

The main pillars of this budget in terms of planning are as follows:

  • Encourage the installation of new companies in our municipality, including renewable energy projects that help combat climate change.
  • Total austerity in order to control inflation and increase current expenses and overcome the consequences of paying the Spancrete judgment.
  • Continue with the enhancement of the archaeological sites of our municipality and the CULTURAL INTERPRETATION CENTER OF EL ARGAR.
  • To develop and dynamize the General Urban Development Plan of Antas in order to have new land available to promote the economic growth of our town.

All this with an exhaustive control of public spending, austerity and the search for efficiency and effectiveness in municipal management.

In addition, they reflect the commitment to budgetary stability and financial sustainability and the local government’s non-financial expenditure limit.

The objective is for this City Council to be a well-managed and solvent administration, which reduces its indebtedness and is governed by a balanced budget.

It should be noted that  has been allocated€40,000 for aid to students (school supplies, university transport voucher …) and for the II PLAN OF REACTIVATION TO LOCAL TRADE.

A provision has also been made for help all associations, brotherhoods, clubs … with 70,000 €, we intend to make in January a general call for anyone who wants to apply for a grant for activities of any kind this is presented to the council in order to resolve the proposals one by one.

In Chapter 1, personnel expenses have been increased by the following positions:

  • Tourism and Heritage Management monitor position for the opening of the museum.
  • Local Police Station.
  • Administrative Assistant position to fill the vacant position.

In addition, it is worth mentioning the 3.5% salary increase for all civil servants and labor personnel, with the exception of political office holders.

The Department of Culture and Sports represents 8.7% of the total municipal budget.

The social welfare department represents 6.10% of the total budget, without discarding at any moment that it could reach 20% of the total due to the deviations of festivities, sports or others necessary to help our neighbors.

The town planning department represents 17% of the total budget. Its main objective is to continue to develop urban plans that will be the basis for the future development and expansion of our municipality.

Our main objective in 2023, is to continue to overcome the effects of the pandemic on the population in general and the companies settled in our municipality through the elimination of indirect taxes, social measures, investments in an urban development plan that allows us to grow in an orderly manner and young people can have housing, companies can settle in our polygons and exercise their activity without bureaucratic obstacles, investments in cultural projects that result in stable employment for our neighbors and raise the name of Antas.

The budget remains stable in its forecasts.

Current revenues also show sustainable and stable growth.

Gross savings remain positive, and we expect them to remain the same in future years, if not increase.

From the government team of the city council of Antas we present a realistic, transparent, very worked, consensual and studied together with the technicians of the area of Economy and Finance of the Diputación de Almería.

By virtue of the provisions of Article 168.1.a) of the Revised Text of the Law of Local Treasuries approved by Royal Decree 2/2004, of March 5, and of Article 18.1.a) of Royal Decree 500/1990, of April 20, this Mayor’s Office submits to the Plenary of the Corporation the Municipal Budget Project and its Bases of Execution, for the fiscal year 2023, whose amount is 4,452,452.90 €.

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